Friday, May 20, 2016

The Architect in the Community: Part 2, Gabriel Kroiz

The second installation of the series "The Architect in the Community" comes from Gabriel Kroiz, AIA, a Baltimore born and raised architect who has his own practice and teaches at Morgan University where he is Associate Professor and chair of the Undergraduate Department. Gabriel Kroiz worked from 1996-1999 at ArchPlan, my own firm.
Gabriel Kroiz, AIA

 At what age did you decide to become an architect? 
What was the main reason you picked architecture as your profession?
 I was several years out of college but still had no clear answer the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ question. I think Architecture let me move forward without actually narrowing down my interests.
What do you consider as your (or your firm’s) best project? Give one reason why? 
Ssamziegil – It’s great to see a project this filled with life.
Ssamziegil Project, Seoul
What is your favorite work of architecture worldwide? Give one reason why. (Pick one image from the internet that explains your choice)
The ECC Student Center by Dominique Perrault: Besides the magic act of adding 700,000sf and a ‘campus green’ to a space strapped campus, I have taught in classrooms  5 stories underground that are infused with daylight and change with each cloud or burst of sunlight.  Simple details and great problem solving. 
How would you describe the state of built architecture in Baltimore based on what has been built in the last 30 years. 
It got better after the millennium. Brown Center was a real watershed moment. 
Perrault Student Center in Seoul, South Korea
Which is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore?
Bolton Hill, I grew up here, now my kids are growing up here. Not particularly an objective point of view. 
Which was your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore? 
Sowebo in the early 90’s 

What single piece of advice would you give the new Mayor regarding Baltimore’s built environment?
Don’t sell out. This city has great bones, we need to take care of them and leverage our built environment in becoming a top tier US city in all respects
What do you see as Baltimore’s biggest problem? Name one idea how to overcome it.
The problem is that we have all of our region’s burdens and few of its resources. We need to reprioritize, quit the war on the poor (poverty drugs) and focus on working schools and public transportation.
What would you like to be remembered for?
I would like people to know about the work being done by myself and others to grow Morgan’s  School of Architecture and Planning into the design resource that Baltimore deserves.
One final comment of your own choice.
I recently read about swimming in the harbor. I can’t wait

Thanks to all who have submitted their responses to date. More responses from local architects will appear in no particular order 

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA 

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