Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016 - What readers clicked the most

Baltimore: The Anatomy of the Rowhouse, an all time favorite article

Tired of all the reviews of 2016_ Diane Rehm on NPR picking her sappiest stories of 35 years or so before retiring from her show, Terry Gross broadcasting all the interviews with people that died this year, the BBJ figuring out that their real estate stories where the most read throughout 2016?

Understandable. But having withdrawn from Baltimore into the woods of Virginia to begin the New Year with some trepidation and also some big ideas, I also revert to that lazy trick of recycling old stories. Below the 5 most read stories on this blog and another 5 from the weekly compendium blog that has a more national and international spread.

It has been quite satisfying to wrap my head around a lot more issues than I would otherwise via writing. Writing also forces one to dig deeper into facts, circumstance and background.

Even more satisfying has it been to meet and speak with people who actually read the articles and like them. The daily and the weekly blog have about 20,000 click a week, the weekly one, due its longer existence, is now nearing the million click mark.

Anybody who writes knows that writing comes with doubts and persisting questions about purpose and quality of what comes out of pen and keyboard. Encouragement is, therefore, always welcome.

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Daily Baltimore Blog, most read stories in 2016:

  1. Governor kills second Baltimore mega project Dec 22, 
  2. The eternal Baltimore sinkholes, August 24
  3. What nearly wiped out Ellicott City, Aug 3
  4. Unsafe because of high speeds, Nov 29
  5. Can Kevin Plank solve Baltimore's affordable housing crisis?, August 24
Weekly Urban Blog, most read stories in 2016:

The all time favorite of all weekly blogs is The Anatomy of the Baltimore Rowhouse from 2012. It has reached 50,000 clicks.

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