Tuesday, July 25, 2017

See the designs coming to Leakin Park!

Winans Meadow NatureCenter rendering (GWWO Architects)
The Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks plans to spend over $25 million for new facilities in Leakin Park.

The improvements include the new construction of the 1972 Cahill Recreation Center on Clifton Avenue (nope, this isn't at Clifton Park!) a new youth group campground off of Gwynns Falls Parkway, improvements at the entry to Leakin Park at Sloman Drive and a new nature center at Winans Meadow. $750,000 dollars
The site overview plan for facilities in the Winans Meadow area (BCRP)
will come from the federal government's Department of the Interior and are dedicated to the camp.

The debates about Baltimore spending priorities are epic, including the fact that police and "security" eat up a much larger portion of the Baltimore budget than education and recreation. The modernization of the Cahill Rec center and the camp are, therefore, particularly welcome steps in re-calibrating priorities. A comprehensive evaluation of recreation centers and aquatic facilities was performed in 2015 under then Mayor Rawlings Blake and the relevant budget items are included
Winans Meadow Nature Center (GWWO)

Leakin Park, overview plan of capital improvements (BCRP)
in Baltimore's six year capital budget.

The proposed designs for the Winans Meadow visitor center and Camp sites are initial proposals and subject to review by the communities and stakeholders according to Kate Brower, an urban planner in the capital division of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks.

The architects for the projects are GWWO Architects of Baltimore with project management by Baltimore Architect Lance Decker.

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

updated: 8/31/17 per corrections provided by BCDRP regarding the total investment value, the community participation and the Cahill site plan.

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Cahill recreation center (GWWO Architects)

Cahill Recreation Center after enlargement (GWWO Architects)

Site overview of proposed Outward Bound Camp (BCRP)

Update Cahill site plan

Proposed floor plan Visitor Center (GWWO)


  1. Any places for dead bodies?

  2. Thanks to everyone who is involved with these projects. The Westside is looking forward to increased visitation and use of our wonderful Leakin Park. I live in the area and have been on the Board of the Baltimore Herb Festival for 12 years and it’s incredible to see the increase in events and visitation to our area. The Community supports the park and it’s inspiring to see the City invest the capital in our area.