Thursday, January 23, 2020

Alvin Hathaway: A Marshall Plan for Cities! - First of a series of interviews about the upcoming elections

Leading up to the 2020 elections which include, among other posts, the Mayor of Baltimore, City Council President, and the US president, I am writing a series of blog articles about Baltimore's most vexing issues. (See the article about housing here).

To widen the perspective I have asked a number of prominent Baltimore stakeholders about their views about the state of Baltimore, the candidates, their preferences, sentiments, recommendations  and suggestions for what should be done. I will publish the responses over the coming months on this blog.

The first in this series is Reverend Dr. Alvin Hathaway. Dr. Hathaway is active in development around his church in Upton and is involved in a multitude of city issues.

This week he will moderate a forum for Baltimore mayoral candidates organized by the Urban League. The event takes place this Saturday, Jan 25 at Morgan State University's Fine Art Center at 11am.
Rev. Hathaway

Detailed information about Rev. Dr. Hathaway can be found at the end of the interview.

Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr., Senior Pastor
Union Baptist Church


  1. Are you overall optimistic about Baltimore or pessimistic? Why?                               
Alvin Hathaway: I’m optimistic about BALTIMORE because of the many assets we have. (The most prominent are our “Ed’s and Meds) but what’s overlooked is the increased tonnage passing through our Inner Harbor and its economic impact. I’m also optimistic because we are slowly but surely confronting structural racism and public corruption.
  1. What three issues do you suggest should be the top priority of the new Mayor? 
Transparency is the number one in my book. The next administration must function as servants of the people and operate as if the people are at the table observing and participating in every decision they make. Credibility is number two. Government must be inclusive of everyone and equally distribute opportunity to all. Accountability is number three. Government must be brutally honest about the issues and problems we face and the pathway and direction we must take to address them. 
  1. If you were to advise a candidate for Mayor what would be your best suggestion? 
Develop a process of listening to a broad segment, minimize relying on a small set of advisers. 
  1. What should the next US President should do for cities?                                                            
Create a true “Marshall Type plan”. This plan would strategically leverage federal, state, city, foundation, and private funding into a business like plan for urban revitalization and renewal. 
  1. What recent local fact has given you hope for Baltimore?                                                 
The number of graduates from our colleges and universities. 
  1. What recent local fact has depressed you the most?                                                             
The thought that persons can commit murder and not be arrested and prosecuted. 
  1. Do you support a particular candidate for Mayor and for City Council?                           
I’m not supporting any candidate, I’m supporting a citizen based agenda. 
  1. What personal contribution to Baltimore are you most proud of?                                     
My community organizing contributions that led to creating BUILD, Coppin Heights and Harbor Bank.
  1. Any final thought?     
I’m creating a city wide grassroots named Act Now Baltimore to increase citizen participation in civic affairs. 

The Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr. was called to Union Baptist Church as Assistant Pastor in 2004. 

Reverend Hathaway has two earned terminal degrees: Ph. D. in Philosophy of Religion from The North Carolina College of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary. He earned his Masters of Arts in Church Ministries and a Certificate in Urban Ministry from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University. He is a graduate of The Harvard Divinity School’s Summer Leadership Institute.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from The McKendree School of Religion. 

Rev. Hathaway graduated from Baltimore City College High School. He studied Philosophical Theology at what was then Coppin State College.

Dr. Hathaway is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Maryland Medical  Center, Family League, The Ecumenical Institute, UrbanAssociates New Market Tax Credits, HarborBankShares New Market Tax Credits, GreenlineVentures New Market Tax Credits, Douglas Memorial Development Corporation, The Greater Baltimore Committee, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore and the Family League. He is the President /CEO of Union Baptist Church – School, Inc. and Beloved Community Services Corporation. He Co-Chairs Promise Heights, a partnership with University of Maryland School of Social to improve outcomes in five Upton Community Schools. 

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