Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Segmented Hotel Market Produces a new Brand Hotel in Baltimore

The latest segmented hotel brand is Hyatt Place which now has an urban presence in Baltimore's on the edge of swanky Harbor East on a block where warehouses dominated until now and still adjoin the hotel. Designed by Cooper Carry's hospitality design division, the hotel fits 208 rooms (they call it "keys" as if anybody still had those) into a design that stays under the highrise limit and accommodates a spliced in second floor garage level for 64 cars.

The new hotel seen from the southwest. Note the well hidden second level garage
which is naturally ventilated and largely concealed by those awnings. Under the awnings
are restaurant and retail spaces, the hotel entrance is on the side on Central Avenue
photo: Cooper Carry

The investor, Ken Finkelstein is bullish on Baltimore and says that the new hotel is doing very well with bookings since it opened in December 2014..

Hotels this size are run as franchises and are more efficient to run than the full service 450 - 600 room hotels, Finkelstein says.

The hotel peaking over properties that represent the old industrial time of this area

View from the new hotel towards the northwest shows the space between Harbor East
and Little Italy that has not yet been "gentrified"

The Cooper Carry section shows the second level parking and concealed utility zone on the roof with cooling tower and mechanical equipment

Clean lines and modern touches in the guest rooms which currently go for $165 per night

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