Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Volunteer Work in Non-Profits needs "Capacity Building". What is that?

Many well meaning non profits and activist organizations don't consider capacity building sufficiently. Here what "capacity" is thanks to Barbara Hopkins, Executive Director of NeighborSpace, an urban land trust of which I am board chair. Check out the Neighborspace website, it has a has a lot of resources. If you like to have good open spaces in urban areas, you can consider becoming a member.

Capacity Definition
·         Capacity is an abstract term that describes a wide range of capabilities, knowledge, and resources that nonprofits need in order to be effective.  What makes an organization effective?  According to Grantmakers for EffectiveOrganizations, it is “the rededication to achieving results.”  Organizational capacity is multi-faceted and continually evolving.
·         Building capacity is about building an organization’s ability to perform well.  The framework for capacity building includes six elements of organizational capacity (see below).  These interdependent elements provide the framework for successful capacity building, as they are important elements of a nonprofit organization’s health and performance. 

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