Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rodricks' new podcast

Dan Rodricks' last  Midday talk show on WYPR will be this Friday. After that Rodricks will focus entirely on his original employer, the Baltimore SUN. The SUN built a broadcast studio for him from where one will, once gain, be able to hear Dan's radio voice. I am still wondering how one would get SUN readers to be SUN listeners, but we will learn this in due course, I suppose.

Key to local news: Still the local paper
Sheilah Kast will host the new Midday which will be reduced to one hour from currently two. Below is how Rodricks describes and promotes his new podcast:
Hello, Dan Rodricks here, with just a few words about the podcast.
 Roughly speaking, about three times a week – for, roughly speaking, an hour or so -- I’ll be in this studio talking with men and women who are making and covering the news -- from public officials to Sun reporters covering the most interesting stories of the day -- as well as visiting celebrities, actors, authors, scholars and experts in health and medicine, the environment, science, sports, politics, the arts, the cinema, and American culture.
 You’ll hear updates and analysis of the trials of police officers in the Freddie Gray case, plus what people are saying about Baltimore’s future in the wake of the unrest last spring.
 We have a presidential -- and in Baltimore, a mayoral -- election year coming up. It’s a busy and important time, so a good time to launch the Roughly Speaking podcast at
 If you listened to my radio shows -- and even enjoyed them -- I think you’ll enjoy Roughly Speaking. Think of it as radio on demand -- you listen when you want to -- on your computer or smartphone, at home, during a walk or workout, in your car, just about anywhere.
 If you have trouble downloading the podcast, just let me know, I’ll come right over.
 That’s it for now. Please stay tuned.
  Dan Rodricks, columnist
The Baltimore Sun
410-332-6166, 443-600-6719<><><>
Midday on WYPR, 88.1 FM

I have been a guest on what then was WJHU back in the days when they had only a one hour a week local  talkshow hosted by Lisa Simeone who like first Marc Steiner and then also Dan Rodricks had some rough and tumble with the czars of public radio, Lisa nationally, Dan locally. Each time local reporting expanded and got better.

I enjoyed working with all three of them, each providing a distinctly local component to public radio, an incredibly important element that Sheilah Kast also supports with her Maryland Morning show. I am not clear who will run that in the future.

With print journalism on an international decline, any of the new forms of journalism, online news, blogging, podcasting, or whatever, has to be welcomed but it has to be also critically tested for its ability to research, cast the net, be critical and unearth actual information instead of just opinions. That capability still resides mostly with the newspapers and no successor for true, consistent and regular investigative journalism has yet been found. It will be interesting to see how the linkage of podcasting and traditional journalism will work out.
I will be part of the line-up this Friday, on Rodricks last Midday show. Topic: Under Armour's role in Baltimore. 

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

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