Monday, April 13, 2015

Kevin Litten to leave the BBJ and Baltimore

It is hard to imagine the Baltimore Business Journal without Kevin Litten, its most prolific writer and reporter about Baltimore's real estate. But Baltimoreans have to get used to this thought according to an invitation to a good bye party sent around to folks who have worked with Litten.
Kevin Litten's signature image in the BBJ

"Please join us to give Kevin a sendoff from Baltimore as he begins a new adventure in Baton Rouge, Louisiana."

Kevin is a devoted journalist who in just a few years gained a vast and encyclopedic knowledge about Baltimore's real estate community.  I saw him regularly at the Baltimore Design Review Panel meetings where with fast fingers he typed pretty much ready to go articles into his laptop that showed up on the BBJ's online announcements only a short while later. Kevin is proof that journalism isn't dead.
According to a brief mail to me he has accepted a job with the  Times Picyune to cover state politics. The best of luck to you, Kevin!

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

An example of Kevin's writing from today's afternoon BBJ edition: article 

I have worked with Kevin and learned to appreciate him as a great source of information for my articles and in Dan Rodrick's radio show Midday, in which Kevin is a regular guest given a breathless and precise account about Baltimore's newest developments. Occasionally we shared the microphone. 

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