Saturday, April 4, 2015

Microbrews and coffee shops as community indicators

It is quite interesting how micro brews and the associated brew pubs are both must have items on any Main Street worth it's salt. Both didn't even exist when I came to America. I think community has much improved since then!
For those who think Starbucks invented the coffee shop it may be instructive to check out the embedded video of the old Vienna coffee houses which started exactly with what we still cherish, a place of repose, community and tranquility. The newspaper has been replaced by the I phone, but the espresso is still the same. 

American small town coffee shop (photo by author)

The Baltimore writer D. Watkins recently equated Starbucks with gentrification and losing Baltimore's character. This is not a novel way of critiquing the corporate conquests of Starbucks as a global player; but it fails to address the community and character building elements of coffee shops and brew pubs. Starbucks made the coffee shop popular in America and allowed tens if thousands of local coffee shops to be established as small local businesses that cultivate slow food (just watch the slow complicated procedures that eventually result in your cappuccino!) and community. 

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA


The Enduring Appeal of Vienna's Historic Coffeehouses - CityLab

Link to article about micro brews 

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