Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mahan Rykiel to re-design Rash Field

As a result of an open RFP the Waterfront Partnership (WP) selected Mahan Rykiel to redesign Rash Field at the Inner Harbor. Laurie Schwartz, President of WP, confirmed that the originally planned garage is dead and that there is an understanding not to over-design and over-program the area that currently is open to receive a number of activities including volleyball. A sign placed by WP on site invites residents to submit ideas for the redesign.

Rash Field during a festival. The area has been subject of debate for years. Its original design looks tired in many places
but still works as a more passive space that can be the place of events and many different locally oriented activities

From WP's  press release:

The Advisory Committee, comprised of city agencies and community representatives along with the Partnership, was unanimous in its selection of Mahan Rykiel,” said Laurie Schwartz, President of Waterfront Partnership. “While we had a large number of proposals from many of the leading design firms in Baltimore, given Mahan Rykiel’s vast park design and activation experience, we knew they were the right team to lead the transformation of Rash Field into a dynamic, active and attractive destination on the Inner Harbor’s South Shore. Mahan Rykiel’s design team will collaborate with Waterfront Partnership to develop and implement a broad based community engagement process which will inform and guide the park design. The effort will include multiple points of engagement including focus groups, public meetings, and social media; providing the public opportunities to share ideas and give feedback on the future of Rash Field. A project kick-off announcement will be made in the coming weeks.

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

Baltimore Brew article about Rash Field

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