Thursday, October 15, 2015

Move over food trucks, here comes the food hall

Move over food trucks, here comes the food hall, specifically the Mt Vernon Marketplace on the first floor of 520 Park Avenue. It and a high end coffee shop opened recently; the Market had its official opening bash Wednesday night.

Judging from the attendance advertising was very successful and the millennials came out in full force, much to the delight of developer Dominic Wiker who roamed the hall and surveyed the proceedings.

The customers didn't seem to mind the hefty prices for Chesapeake oysters, soups, dumplings, crepes and cupcakes, to name but a few of the offerings. It remains to be seen if the location can sustain enough demand to support the numerous vendor stalls. If so, the not very far away Lexington Market, currently being redesigned will have to pay close attention.

Here some photo impressions:

The new Marketplace is located at the corner of Park and Center Streets
(all photos: ArchPlan Inc.)

The newest brand in Baltimore's food places

Ping pong in the market (photo: ArchPlan Inc.)

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

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