Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are Malls Dying or not, or what?

A post in CityLab obviously striving for blance elicits this as my comment:

Ok, unfortunately malls are not dead (yet). But America is hopelessly over-retailed, the middle class has seen any additional income in years, Millennials flock to cities and online shopping is growing. Would you invest in a yet bigger and more expensive model of what clearly has peaked? There seems to be a rule that things get even bigger and dumber before they get extinct (SUVs, McMansions, Slurpies, dinosaurs).

Klaus Philipsen FAIA

Here the post: 

Shopping Malls Aren't Actually Dying

Photos of creepy, abandoned malls are eerie, but misleading. Most of America's malls are doing just fine.

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