Sunday, March 29, 2015

What it takes to keep a neighborhood stable

Last week when Baltimore had to recognize that it was still not growing I suggested that the city's population base is decided in the large Northeast neighborhoods. Today the Sun has a great article that shows how one of those, Belair-Edison  has managed to keep population, income and homeownership levels stable over the decades with a whole plethora of interventions including St Ambrose's important work. Unfortunately not all of the neighboring communities faired as well. It is obvious that "the market" alone doesn't fix anything. 

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA

Klaus Philipsen has been president of a neighborhood association for many years,  several decades back co-founded a citizen initiative running an "activity playground" non profit still in existence. He served on a borough council in Stuttgart, Ger and is currently president of an urban land trust to protect small community open spaces and parks. With his architecture firm he has rehabilitated hundreds of Baltimore City rowhomes for first time home buyers or for affordable rent in Baltimore neighborhoods such as Sandtown, Druid Heights, Sharp Leadenhall, Reservoir Hill and Park Heights. 

Photos: Baltimore Sun

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