Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Governor's Press Conference: "Our most important obligation is to ensure the peace and safety of our citizens."

Governor Hogan in his press conference thanks his staff and his Chief of Staff (deals "with crisis better than anybody in America"and Lieutenant Governor Rutherford as well as the National Guard, FEMA, Homeland Security and his Senior Adviser Keiffer Mitchel. He also thanked the Mayor and the Police Commissioner but "none more than the law enforcement officers and fire fighters for their service "in our greatest hour of need".

We bring to conclusion this effort to bring to an end violence in this city. All National Guard has been removed from this city. "The numbers are devastating and sobering". 150 fires, 170 cars damaged. 130 police officers injured.

He asked "what is next for the City of  Baltimore?" "He will not allow the actions of a few to shape the fate of many". "Our most important obligation is to ensure the peace and safety of our citizens."

$20 million will be withdrawn from the (State) rainy day fund to assist the city in the clean up. Keiffer Mitchel will be the liaison to the city. He mentioned long standing serious issues. Issues "that took decades to develop and will likely take decades to repair". "We were tested and we will be tested again".

No word of the legislators like Congressman Cummings, Senator Pugh who stood in the streets every night to assist in peace or the many citizens and volunteers who stepped up to deal with the situation ever since the unrest of Monday night.  No word about police violence, no word about civil rights except in describing the background of Keiffer Mitchel's family. No word about that Baltimore's problems are America's problems, that this city is not alone with them or that the entire society would need to adress them, not just law enforcement.

In the questions period, Hogan allowed "Tensions and emotions are still high".


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